Wellbeing Workout

The Wellbeing Workout aims to raise your Happiness Pulse, providing you with the mental toolkit to stay resilient and maintain your wellbeing whatever life throws your way.

The Wellbeing Workout strengthens and develops the three elements which are key to living a happy and fulfilled life.  They are BEing, DOing and CONNECTing – each compliments the others, influencing and improving our own experience.

The Wellbeing Workout is available for organisations, teams and communities.  It can be delivered as a high impact intensive day long workshop, or split into three modules – one for each touchstone.  It offers a practical understanding  of:

  • The positive psychology of hope, meaning and happiness
  • emotional intelligence
  • Ways of being happy
  • Living the good life – your personal action plan to BE
  • Developing a Growth mindset
  • Ways to wellbeing
  • Your personal wellbeing map
  • Savouring and boosting your wellbeing and happiness
  • Living the happy life – your personal action plan to DO
  • The positive psychology of relationships and human bonds
  • Your personal relationships map
  • Building your connections
  • Strengthening your bonds
  • Belonging to a community
  • Piecing it all together – your personal action to CONNECT

Whilst the Wellbeing Workout is an entirely stand-alone programme, it is also the sister training to accompany our world leading wellbeing measurement tool the Happiness Pulse.  It is ideal for individuals, groups, teams, organisations and communities who have used the Pulse tool to measure their wellbeing and are looking to improve those results over time!

If you have any questions, please write to training@happycity.org.uk, or you can book the next available Wellbeing Workout today.