Wellbeing Champions Charter

The purpose of this charter is to set out the responsibilities and scope of Happy City Wellbeing Champions.  We hope to it provides assurances that Happy City is committed to supporting Wellbeing Champions in the work they do in their workplaces or community. We also want the public to feel confident that the people we entrust to share our work are doing so responsibly and with integrity.

Happy City Wellbeing Champions will:
  1. Have attended Happy City’s Wellbeing Champions foundation training and commit to maintaining their knowledge and skills, including participating in update training provided by Happy City
  2. Have access to Happy City Wellbeing Champions resources (i.e. booklets, handouts, website) and be part of the Happy City Wellbeing Champions Network
  3. Maintain the integrity of the underpinning principles of Happy City when sharing the 5 ways to wellbeing as Wellbeing Champions (i.e. to support discovery learning and empowerment)  
  4. Provide 5 ways to wellbeing awareness sessions or other Happy City Wellbeing Champions activities in their place work or within their local community free of charge
  5. Take care of their own wellbeing and aim to be role models in the 5 ways to wellbeing
  6. Participate in monitoring and maintaining the quality of the work of Happy City by completing evaluations and feedback forms
  7. Only offer the 5 ways to wellbeing awareness sessions to individuals/groups where they are competent to do so, and where there is no risk of harm to themselves or the group
  8. Treat all people attending a 5 ways to wellbeing session fairly and with respect and ensure that they do not exclude anyone on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion or age or any other protected characteristics
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