Wellbeing Champions FAQs

What qualifications, training or experience do I need to apply to become a Happy City Wellbeing Champion?

You need no specific qualification, training or experience to apply.  Everyone is welcome to do the course. All we ask is that you have an interest in learning about how to share wellbeing with your colleagues or community (and of course for yourself too!)  

As a Happy City Wellbeing Champion can I charge for delivering the 5 ways to wellbeing sessions in my workplace and community?  

No, the training is for noncommercial purposes and designed for people who are wishing to share the 5 ways to wellbeing with people in their workplace or community for free. If you are looking for opportunities for paid work then you might like to join our team as a Happy City Associate. Find out more.   

How much does it cost to become a Happy City Wellbeing Champion?

The foundation 2-day programme, follow-up 1-to-1 support and access to our wellbeing Champions Network and ongoing updates has an open cost of £750. We are in process of setting up a bursary scheme to offer financial support for self-funding individuals and smaller/voluntary organisations. Contact us for more details and to discuss our costing options.  

Will I get a recognised qualification by attending the course?

The course enables you to become a Happy City Wellbeing Champion and to access future development opportunities provided by Happy City and its partner organisations. It is not currently recognised by any training awarding bodies.

What commitments do I need to make to become a Happy City Wellbeing Champion?  

Becoming a Happy City Wellbeing Champions is about spreading happiness as an ambassador for wellbeing.  Our Happy City Wellbeing Champions Charter (button link over words) sets out the commitment you make when you become a Happy City Wellbeing Champion. There is no time commitment, you can be part of our Happy City Wellbeing Champions network for as short or long as you wish. All we ask is that you spread happiness and wellbeing wherever you go.  

Where and for who can I deliver the ways to wellbeing sessions?

We recommend that you begin sharing the 5 ways to wellbeing with the people you are in most frequent contact with. For example, work colleagues, or family, friends and people in your local community. Once you build up your confidence you might like to offer it to a wider audience in your workplace or community.     

Is there anyone or any place where I should avoid offering the 5 ways to wellbeing?

We would always recommend that you work within the scope of your competence. So generally speaking the 5 ways to wellbeing sessions can be useful for everyone, however please ensure that you have the appropriate credentials when offering the sessions to specific groups (e.g. young people and vulnerable adults). This also includes the locations you visit (e.g. working in colleges, prisons, nursing homes, etc).  If you are not sure please ask.     

How should I promote my sessions?

As part of Happy City Wellbeing Champions Network you will have access to some great ideas for promoting your sessions. So you won’t be alone, we will make sure you get the support you need.   

Who can I contact for more details and any questions?

You can email training@happycity.org.uk and we will respond as soon as possible.