Our Approach

Happiness and wellbeing is not just about knowing what is good for us, it’s about knowing how to put those ideas into practice. Happy City training courses help you discover both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. Our approach to training and consultancy stems from a passionate belief in the ability of everyone to find the motivation for lasting change within.  That means we’ll always put your needs at the centre of our work. We listen and work with you, rather than on you. Balance is key.

Happiness is essential to wellbeing but there’s a time and place for all our emotions and being happy all the time is neither desirable nor good for us. Our approach therefore aims to sow the seeds for lasting happiness by cultivating simple things which positively affect our lives.  The harvest comes in the form of hardier resilience for individuals, organisations and communities in difficult times.

We continuously update and review our tools and processes with all our stakeholders to make sure we’re fully credible and most importantly, that it WORKS.  Please e-mail us at training@happycity.org.uk for more information.

Find out how we put this approach into action through our services here.