Training & Consultancy

hc_tc_500Happy City’s exceptional team of trainers and consultants can help you, your team, organisation, business, community or region to thrive.

From workshops to help individuals find their way to lasting wellbeing, to supporting local governments to better measure, understand and improve the wellbeing of whole regions, Happy City is here to help. 

Our Consultancy Services:

We can work with you, from diagnostics to delivery, to understand and improve the wellbeing of your team, your organisation or your community.

We have world-leading experts in measuring wellbeing who can help get to the heart of how your staff, group or participants on your programmes are thinking and feeling in their everyday lives, mapping for your the strengths and needs and helping create a bespoke package of support tailored to exactly those needs.

Our highly qualified training associates, based around the country, can then deliver directly to those needs.  It may be that you want one of the ‘off-the-shelf’ wellbeing workshops Happy City has developed (see below).  Or it might be that you need something different.

We can offer training in compassionate conversations for teams, positive leadership, wellbeing coaching and mentoring and mindfulness for wellbeing & resilience and more.  We can also provide consultancy services to support a wellbeing approach to development and coaching to create change agents in your senior leadership or teams.

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Our Training Programmes:

Happy City have developed a range of workshops, training programmes and materials to help people of every background find their way to wellbeing. Our courses are designed to sow the seeds for lasting happiness and help individuals, organisations and communities to harvest the benefits.

  • Wellbeing Champions Programme – a 2 day programme to equip participants with the tools to spread wellbeing in their organisation or community.

Get involved:

  • Discuss how we can support you to find the solution that works
  • Book an introductory workshop for your workplace or community
  • Have a wellbeing Champion trained to deliver wellbeing workshops and projects within your organisation or project
  • Measure the wellbeing strengths and needs of your staff or participants with the Happiness Pulse tool and then improve those scores with the Wellbeing Workout session

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