Training & Consultancy

hc_tc_500Spreading understanding and skills for resilient lives

Our workshops, training programmes and materials help people of every background find their way to wellbeing. Our work is designed to sow the seeds for lasting happiness and help individuals, organisations and communities to harvest the benefits. See our latest training offers here.

hc_leavebehind_infographics_tcOur Training Programmes:

  • The WoW of Wellbeinga short workshop and pocket guides to introduce groups to the key ways to wellbeing.
  •  The Wellbeing Workouta day workshop to strengthen your Happiness Pulse and delve deeper into strategies for building resilience reserves
  • Wellbeing Champions Programme – a 1-2 day programme to prepare individuals to spread a wellbeing approach in their organisation or community
  •  Bespoke Sessions and Courses – including Positive Leadership, Wellbeing Coaching techniques and Mindfulness for Wellbeing & Resilience

Get involved

  • Book an introductory workshop for your workplace or community
  • Have a wellbeing Champion trained to deliver wellbeing workshops and projects within your organisation or project
  • Measure the wellbeing strengths and needs of your staff or participants with the Happiness Pulse tool and then improve those scores with the Wellbeing Workout session
  • Invest in our Wellbeing Champions Bursary Fund – to support local community groups to build capacity for wellbeing from within

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