Training & Consultancy

Happy City’s exceptional team of trainers and consultants can help you, your team, organisation, business, community or region to thrive.

From workshops to help individuals find their way to lasting wellbeing, to supporting local governments to better measure, understand and improve the wellbeing of whole regions, Happy City is here to help.

Our consultancy services:

We can work with you, from diagnostics to delivery, to understand and improve the wellbeing of your team, your organisation or your community. We’ll help you to create a wellbeing vision and roadmap aligned to your business culture and objectives, with strategic consulting support including:

  • Wellbeing Audit to assess strengths and areas for improvement – using the Happiness Pulse or Thriving Places Index results as an evaluation tool
  • Wellbeing Strategy: Range of half-day sessions on how to use new ways of measuring wellbeing and impact to align your strategy, decisions and actions to deliver better outcomes. Setting specific goals and tactical plans to improve performance across the four main wellbeing domains – General Wellbeing, Be, Do, Connect – comprising:
    • How people think and feel about their lives
    • What they do that supports better lives
    • How they connect with others

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Our training: 

We offer training and coaching to support internal capacity for improving wellbeing culture and performance. We can offer training in compassionate conversations for teams, positive leadership, wellbeing coaching and mentoring and mindfulness for wellbeing & resilience and more.  

Our sessions are targeted at all levels within the organisation:


Our work includes a range of team training sessions, both off–the-shelf and bespoke, to support individuals to improve their own wellbeing in simple, sustainable and impactful ways. Sessions include Wellbeing Workouts to improve core elements of wellbeing across Be, Do, Connect. Individuals learn ways to strengthen their existing wellbeing practices; finding new ways to boost their wellbeing; and valuing recognised sources of wellbeing.


We work with teams to embed change in how people work together and support one another. Team based learning has long been recognised as an effective way of accelerating change: as people learn together they change together, creating a culture of mutual support and collective wellbeing. Training includes:

  • Development for wellbeing champions or mentors – people from within your organisation who, once trained, can become a valuable resource and part of building sustainable change for a thriving organisation
  • Using our tools for measuring social impact of projects and initiatives    
  • Team resilience and relationships


Half day sessions on how to build a wellbeing culture across your organisation.

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