Our team


Gareth Jones

Office Manager

Happiest when supporting others, solving & resolving, and growing with Happy City.


Byron Lee

Head of Training & Consultancy

I’m here to help people grow and thrive through a love of learning. I’m inspired by nature and get a lot of pleasure from my garden.

Annabel Reddick

Communications Manager

Ruth Townsley_headshot

Ruth Townsley

Director of Operations & Programmes

I ensure we are effective and efficient. I Lead measurement and evaluation work and stalk the office telling people what to do. I’m also a cyclist, runner, gardener, football fan (www.savetheorient.com), fashionista, culture vulture and Northerne.

Liz Zeidler

Chief Executive

I try to keep Happy City’s incredible core vision running through everything we do.  I’m an activist and optimist at heart, driven by curiosity and a passion for the possible.

Mike Zeidler

Director of Development

I’m here because Happy City is my heart’s calling. I love to help people find theirs.

Emma Seery

Campaign Coordinator

Associates, Consultants & Contractors


Saamah Abdallah

Wellbeing Advisor

I believe what we measure determines what we value, so for a happy planet, we need to rethink our measures of progress and stop obsessing over having ever-more stuff.   I love taking my toddler daughter to the local zoo (we live in deepest Germany) and listening to the wolves howl at dusk.

Angie Belcher

Community Organising & Development

I’m a professional actor, director, writer, and stand-up poet with a passion for using the arts to encourage creative thinking, confidence and ambition realization.


Marc George

Web Development

I’m here to help Happy City make the most of digital and to explore how we can apply technology to the question of wellbeing. When I’m not front of a computer, I’m running!


Dave Forman


I work here because I love to.

Jim Sheppard

Book keeper

I love solving problems, especially those relating to numbers and computers. I’m as interested in organisational data and information strategy as I am in new technology, technical training and accountancy.

Helen Wallis Dowling

Community Organising & Development

I have a passion for helping people work with each other in their communities. I get people moving from possibility to action so they can make positive and lasting change to boost their community wellbeing.  I live in the New Forest, love cycling and am always learning.

Paul Wielgus_Headshot

Paul Wielgus

Mindfulness Man

My speciality is Mindfulness Training and my passion is to practically demonstrate how to grow Attention and Awareness Training in order to cultivate and enable people’s well being and resilience in communities in Bristol and beyond.


Sam Wren-Lewis

Wellbeing measurement guru

I’m here to help convert what we know about happiness in relation to ourselves, our organisations, neighbourhoods and cities into action.  I love this work because it’s so engaging on a personal and community level.

Traci Lewis

Fundraising & Business Development
My focus is on our wellbeing training and digital tools. I really enjoy working in the Happiness Hub – interesting work, lovely people and near St Nicks Market for lunch! I also love camping and wild swimming in Devon.

Claire-Louise Symonds

Mindfulness teacher


Chris Budd_Headshot 360x239

Chris Budd

Commercial Guidance

I bring 17 years experience as a business owner from Ovation Finance. My work aims to improve people’s finances at the same time as overall wellbeing.  I’m helping Happy City with commercial nous to make good ‘deals’.


Robin Hague

Young People lead

Happy City asks great questions about what matters. I’m keen to help bring these powerful and important questions into the learning experiences offered to the young. After all, they have the biggest stake in our future society.

Paul Hardman


I’m delighted to offer my legal knowledge and experience to Happy City.  Clients are definitely looking for something beyond the profit imperative, so work on more wholesome measures of productivity is timely and important.

Dawn Snape_Headshot2 360x239

Dawn Snape


The evaluation and analysis of measures of wellbeing, quality of life and social capital fascinate me.  I believe we can leave a more peaceful, stable and equitable world for our children if we re-focus our efforts around wellbeing as a purpose.


Claire Williams


I have a keen interest in Corporate Social Responsibility with a special interest in the green sector. It’s a real pleasure to be able to use my financial management and technical expertise to support Happy City’s ground-breaking work.

Babs Williams

Social Enterprise Lead

I’m interested in strategic leadership and helping build partnership links for Happy City across the diversity of Europe.


Lisa-Jane Wyatt

HR lead

I have a background in training HR professionals and over 20 years of HR experience from the public, private and voluntary sector. I bring value through understanding the different sectors, employment and business law and the HR processes, as well as a bucket full of joy.

Liz Zeidler

Chief Executive

Facilitating leadership development with multi-cultural groups in Africa, the Middle East and Europe taught me a vast amount about how we can get the best out of each other. My knack for swift strategic analysis is a good asset for the board.

Mike Zeidler

Partnership lead

I bring 22 years of experience from the boards of many public, private and voluntary sector companies.  I add value to Happy City’s board with the exceptional breadth of talented, experienced and helpful people I know.

Happy City Volunteers

Happy City has developed with the support of so many (hundreds) of people over the past 7 years that we are unable to list them all here.  The people below are those currently supporting us on a regular basis.

Jennifer Faulkner

Social Media

I am helping Happy City to #InvestInhappy by using social media to spark conversations about what progress really means/ about happiness and wellbeing.  I love using social media to bring people together to support community and sustainability projects.

Janet Skeet

Evaluation & Statistics

I do research for and analysis of media campaigns as part of the communications team.  I love teaching and learning languages – my favourite thing about language is grammar.

Imogen Smith 360x239_headshots

Imogen Smith

Evaluation & Ethics

I have been teaching the theory behind flourishing and wellbeing for many years and I really want to help put the theory into practice so it can make a real difference to people’s lives. I love learning new things – any opportunity I get!

Cheerleading supporters

….and finally, here are just some of the others who until recently were helping us out here. We’re forever grateful for the part they’ve played, and for their continuing encouragement from afar.

Zoltan Baranyai


Helen Brown

Fiona Hull


David Relph

richardrogers 360x249_Headshot

Richard Rogers

Becky Sumerling

Manjit Sylvester-Jhalli

Grace Youell


Rachel Folan

Elsa Symons

Mo Forman

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