Our Team

Wren Aigaki-Lander

Head of Development

I aim to bring my passion for 21st century ways of living and working to Happy City – building the ecosystem of individuals, organisations and communities looking to build a thriving future for all.


Byron Lee

Head of Training & Consultancy

I’m here to help people grow and thrive through a love of learning. I’m inspired by nature and get a lot of pleasure from my garden.

Liz Zeidler

Chief Executive

I try to keep Happy City’s incredible core vision running through everything we do.  I’m an activist and optimist at heart, driven by curiosity and a passion for the possible.

Sophie Sayer

Office Manager

Soraya Safazadeh

Senior Data Analyst

I’m here to help with all things data related behind the scenes of the Thriving Places Index and Happiness Pulse, so that we can measure wellbeing in a valid and accurate way.

Situation Vacant

Head of Research & Measurement

Interested in applying for this post? Visit this page here

Courtenay Crawford

Communications Manager

Here to take a lead on Happy City’s communications. Excited to work somewhere with a positive vision of a sustainable future.

Laura Steele

Project Manager

I manage Happy City projects and help streamline the organisation’s work.


Saamah Abdallah

Wellbeing Advisor

I believe by rethinking our measures of progress, we can stop obsessing over having ever-more stuff and start valuing what really matters. I live in deepest Germany surrounded by forests, beavers and wild boar.


Marc George

Web Development

I’m here to help Happy City make the most of digital and to explore how we can apply technology to the question of wellbeing. When I’m not front of a computer, I’m running!


Sam Wren-Lewis

Wellbeing measurement guru

I’m here to help convert what we know about happiness in relation to ourselves, our organisations, neighbourhoods and cities into action.  I love this work because it’s so engaging on a personal and community level.

Kim Dolton

Book keeper

I keep Happy City’s financial records nice and well organised. Things are so much happier when Quickbooks and the bank agree.


Dave Forman

Brand & Design Advisor

I support Happy City’s branding and design work.


Chris Budd_Headshot 360x239

Chris Budd

Commercial Guidance

I bring 17 years experience as a business owner from Ovation Finance. My work aims to improve people’s finances at the same time as overall wellbeing.  I’m helping Happy City with commercial nous to make good ‘deals’.


Robin Hague

Young People lead

Happy City asks great questions about what matters. I’m keen to help bring these powerful and important questions into the learning experiences offered to the young. After all, they have the biggest stake in our future society.

Paul Hardman


I’m delighted to offer my legal knowledge and experience to Happy City.  Clients are definitely looking for something beyond the profit imperative, so work on more wholesome measures of productivity is timely and important.

Carl Kneeshaw

HR Guide

Always keen to improve mental health and wellbeing, I lead 73 HR staff supporting around 134,000 employees.  I have HR/Employment Law and operational experience across a number of sectors with links to c.36 government departments and agencies.

Elizabeth Metcalfe

Company Secretary & Trustee

Jeremy Pannell


I’m part of the Corporate Finance team at Triodos, with past experience in audit, equity, valuations and management buy-outs.  I’m very motivated by Happy City’s mission to change the way we think of – and measure – prosperity.

Emma Reed

I wanted to support a charity where I could usefully apply my 11 years experience in government as an analyst working on complex policy areas of public health and social care.  In Happy City, I’ve found the perfect match.

Di Robinson


I’ve spent my whole career addressing disadvantage & inequality to create the conditions for community empowerment, resilience and sustainable local economic development.  I believe Happy City has a significant part to play in changing the game for good. 

Dawn Snape_Headshot2 360x239

Dawn Snape


The evaluation and analysis of measures of wellbeing, quality of life and social capital fascinate me.  I believe we can leave a more peaceful, stable and equitable world for our children if we re-focus our efforts around wellbeing as a purpose.

Babs Williams

Social Enterprise Lead

I’m interested in strategic leadership and helping build partnership links for Happy City across the diversity of Europe.

Liz Zeidler

Chief Executive

Co-Founder of Happy City (both CIC and Initiative), Liz is a director of the CIC

Mike Zeidler


Co-Founder of Happy City (both CIC and Initiative), Mike is a director of the CIC  and co-chair of both boards.

Happy City Volunteers

Happy City has developed with the support of so many (hundreds) of people over the past 10 years that we are unable to list them all here.  We are forever grateful for the part they’ve played, and for their continuing encouragement from afar.