How does it work

The Happy City Index is not just a survey, it is a truly ground-breaking alternative measure combining academic rigour, technology and community engagement in a highly interactive process.  It engages, informs and enables people to transform their own lives, in simple, low-cost, low-carbon, high-happiness ways.

The Happiness Pulse, is an accessible, informative online tool that measures how you’re doing in three domains – BE, DO and CONNECT – mental/emotional wellbeing, behavioural wellbeing and social wellbeing.  This is a free tool, available worldwide, for people everywhere to measure, understand and improve their happiness.

The Pulse tool is also available for community groups, organisations and businesses to use as a measurement, social value and evaluation tool.

The overall Happy City Index, is an annual health-check for policy makers on the state of a city’s wellbeing combines two key sets of data:

  1. The Drivers of wellbeing – how well a city is doing on creating the conditions for people and communities to thrive.
  2. The wellbeing of citizens – data from the Happiness Pulse survey tool, on how people are feeling and functioning in their day-to-day lives.

When these two sets of data are brought together, they can start to help decisions makers understand more clearly the impact of their work on the lives of people.

To see the measurement framework click here.

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