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Here are a selection of interviews, articles, book chapters and reviews published about Happy City.   Click images to link to publications.   Citations and references are at the bottom of this page.

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Happy City’s YouTube Channel
Regional Press 19 Feb 2018
Thriving Places Index launch:
9 broadcasts, 28 regional articles, and 10 trade press pieces
Rooutledge Handbook of Critical Positive Psychology, 2018
Chapter 34 by Mike Zeidler, Liz Zeidler and Byron Lee
‘Positive Psychology at City Scale’
University of Bristol, Bristol Futures, 2017
Liz Zeidler interviewed by Dr Chris Priest
Case Study on Sustainability
LSE IQ podcast, 5 Sept 2017
Informed Choice Radio, 29 Aug 2017
A Guide to Motivation Happiness Success & Resilience, 16 Aug 2017
New Europe Cities In Transition, 24 Nov 2016
What Works Centre for Wellbeing, 10 May 2016
Bristol 247, 26 Apr 2016
Bristol Evening Post, 2 May 2014

Correction: The OECD and UN Habitat programme expressed interest in Happy City, they did not provide funding.

Bristol Evening Post, 20 Jan 2014
Zero Carbon Britain, 17 Jul 2013
Further references and citations
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Happy City Index Project, Bristol Mental Health news, 29 December 2014
New What Works Centre for Wellbeing, GOV.UK, 29 Oct 2014
Working to make a happier Bristol, Bristol Community Health News Jun 2014
Bristol – A guide to good living, Happy City featured p.136, 1 Nov 2010
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