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Explore our measures, training & consultancy and campaigns pages for ideas about how to increase happiness and wellbeing where you are. You’ll find tools, ideas, connections and activities suitable for personal, group, business and community use.

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We’re currently looking for people with the experience, connections, interests and skills to help us through the next exciting phase of our work. We’re anticipating demanding times as we seek to adjust from locally focussed development, to delivery and support across the UK and abroad.  Click here for an outline of a board member’s role.  If you like what you see, and think you can contribute, please fill out this form.


To volunteer your time in the office or in the community please write to

Become a Partner

If you or your organisation would like to partner with Happy City in any of the following areas please get in touch at

  • Pro Bono supporters – if you or your organisation can offer your time or skills to further our work locally or nationally
  • Project Partners – to develop or deliver wellbeing work in your sector, your community or your area of interest
  • Training Partners – to develop or deliver our training in your organisation, or to help fund us to deliver it to those most in need
  • Strategic Partners – to help us embed wellbeing into decision making at an organisational, sectoral, local, regional or national level

Become a Sponsor

If you or your organisation are interested in sponsoring our projects, campaigns, training or community measurement work, please write to  We are currently looking for support for the development of HappyLists across the UK


Help us improve lives and tackle the most acute problems in society too…

Happy City is a highly ambitious project with good funding support for our work on measures and a track record of covering our own costs in skills development and partnership projects. We’re proud to have achieved so much with so little, thanks mainly to the generosity of volunteers who believe in our cause.

Great communications and campaigning work is critical if we’re to create the best possible conditions for happiness to grow.  With success in other areas, we need to be at the top of our game in communicating effectively and providing the support that others are starting to demand.

Help us to help others grow happiness where they are with a donation today via mydonate.


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