About Us

Founded in 2010, it is a small UK charity with a big mission: to ‘make what matters count’. It offers a place-based model of change that puts the wellbeing of current and future generations centre stage.  It does this by developing new measures of progress and delivering training, projects and campaigns to help embed them into how places work.  Based in Bristol, Happy City is now working with organisations large and small from the public, private and community sector, right around the UK.  We have received interest in our work from around the world.

Find out more about our three key areas of work:

Measurement & Policy

Training & Consultancy

Campaigns & Communication

All of our work is based on our founding beliefs that:

  • Many of our greatest global challenges have, at their roots, the (mistaken) idea that the way to individual happiness or the mark of societal progress is a growth in consumption and wealth.
  • Real lasting happiness and wellbeing depends depends on on many things including the provision of our basic needs; the quality of our relationships, supportive and active communities, opportunities to engage and be valued, the long term quality of our environment.
  • Individually and collectively there are many things we can do to develop lasting happiness and community resilience that don’t cost the earth (financially or environmentally).
  • Money and the measurement of economic growth are only tools. They are means not ends and must be used as enablers, not the drivers, of society.
The film clip below shows what we are working towards.


Happy City is a charity and community interest company, founded in Bristol.