About Us

Happy City exists to get people talking, thinking and moving towards what really matters

Our mission is to improve lives, our society and our planet through an increased focus on happiness and wellbeing. This may all sound sweet and fluffy but that is only because what we mean by ‘happiness’ has been corrupted. We want to reclaim happiness from commercial triviality and make it a guiding, radical principle for society.

Our aim is to shatter the illusion that the way to happiness is through ‘more stuff’. Our vision is to both inspire and help equip people for action. Happy City are proud to be part of the movement that is shifting society from the notion that increased consumption and economic growth is the only way to define success and prosperity. And we want you to join us!

Our work can best be understood as split into three key areas:

Measurement & Policy

Training & Consultancy

Campaigns & Communication

All of our work is based on our founding beliefs that:

  • Many of our greatest global challenges have, at their roots, the (mistaken) idea that the way to individual happiness is through increased consumption and the mark of success is what we own.
  • Real lasting happiness and wellbeing depends on many things over and above our basic needs; the quality of our relationships, supportive and active communities, opportunities to engage and be valued, the long term quality of our environment.
  • Individually and collectively there are many things we can do to develop lasting happiness and community resilience that don’t cost the earth (financially or environmentally).
  • Money and the measurement of economic growth are only tools. They are means not ends and must be used as enablers, not the drivers, of society.
The film clip below shows what we are working towards.


Happy City is a charity and community interest company, founded in Bristol.

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