wellworthWellWorth is an innovative online tool which helps policy and decision makers evaluate wellbeing interventions.

WellWorth is now in an extended piloting phase to further test its efficacy and function in real life. It is being tested in real time applications in both the public and voluntary sector.  If your organisation is interested in using WellWorth please contact us at measurement@happycity.org.uk   

For a full overview of the WellWorth tool please click here

How does WellWorth work?

WellWorth is an evaluation tool built on a framework of algorithms.  These algorithms are based on assumptions derived from an extensive academic literature review of the methods that have been used to quantify linkages between wellbeing and different life outcomes, and to place a monetary value on those.  The review considered:

  • Empirical evidence showing the extent to which wellbeing can lead to better life outcomes
  • Valuation methods used to place monetary values on the benefits of wellbeing.

The literature review considered both direct benefits i.e. the intrinsic value of wellbeing and also the co-benefits in the following domains: Health, Social relations, Voluntary work, Employment, Education, Environment and Crime.

You can find an evidence review for each of the domain headings here.

WellWorth has been developed by Happy City in partnership with health economists at the University of Exeter’s European Centre for Environment and Human Health. The full literature review can be found in draft form here.  The feasibility development of WellWorth has been funded by Innovate UK ‘Solving urban challenges with data’ competition stream from October 2015 – September 2016.

Reliability, rigour and currency

Wellworth is only as good as the wellbeing data you have to put in it.  If you’d like more guidance on how to collect good quality wellbeing data please see our detailed Guides: A guide to collecting Quantitative Data and A guide to collecting Qualitative Data

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