Thriving Places Index

A very new measure of progress

Happy City’s Index of Thriving Places uses local level indicators to measure and inform progress towards supporting the wellbeing of all citizens, now and in the future.  It is designed  to support decision-makers in local areas to improve lives on the ground and to help shift the focus, place by place, towards measuring what matters

Truly thriving places provide a range of local conditions that are multi-dimensional. The Thriving Places Index (TPI) balances a range of conditions at a local level with how well those benefits are being equitably delivered and within environmental limits. Click here for full TPI siteThe framework is designed to create a powerful and accessible shared narrative by arranging a broad range of dimensions into clear, focused and intuitively relevant domains. It consists of a set of 48 indicators that use existing data from established national data agencies. All indicators are chosen to represent the drivers of wellbeing – factors which are known to improve people’s wellbeing now and in the long term. There is more information about the framework and the methodology for developing it in Full Thriving Places Report here or on the TPI site here.

The Thriving Places Index is a practical tool for implementing joined-up, innovative, evidenced-based policy that delivers on wellbeing.

When embedded in local processes, it can be a powerful influence on the shape of local development. By assessing the conditions for thriving communities at a ‘whole-place’ level, different local actors – from civil society, local government, academia and business, to citizens and small community groups – can collaboratively tackle even very entrenched problems. It provides a consistent and comparable way of agreeing, measuring and tracking progress towards shared goals, a ‘common currency’ across and between sectors and geographies.

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