Pulse for Cities

Are you a decision maker?  Do you have to weigh up competing demands on resources? Are you concerned you have to base significant decisions on simplified assumptions because the data isn’t there?

The Happiness Pulse can be used to take regular and accurate pulse readings in communities and give data that will help you to:

    1. Get a fuller picture of the strengths and weaknesses, the needs and opportunities around wellbeing in your city.
    2. Evaluate the impact on wellbeing of your projects and initiatives and all commissioned work?
    3. Prioritise resources and action towards the areas that need it most and into the actions that are proven to work for wellbeing.
    4. Create a common currency across and between different policy areas.

Read about our successful 2016 Pulse City Pilot in Bristol here

In many years of consultation prior to its development, Policy makers around the world consistently told us two key things:

  1. It’s hard to measure wellbeing. If you can it is either good and very expensive or flimsy and achievable. We need a rigorous, validated but affordable means of getting significant amounts of data across large numbers of citizens so we are able to get a meaningful picture of the conditions at a ward level.
  2. We need to translate wellbeing into the current policy language. Not everyone is yet convinced that wellbeing is a serious enough business to be a focus of government or policy. So we need a way to convert wellbeing changes into their impact on economics, health, education, crime, environment etc

The Measurement and Policy team at Happy City and their partners, have developed the Happy City Index and the Happiness Pulse to deliver reliable, affordable and manageable measures of the Conditions in the City that promote wellbeing, and the detailed reality of wellbeing at a ward level. Thanks to funding from Innovate UK we are also developing the WellWorth Policy Tool to show the relevance of wellbeing to the established economic and political agenda.


If you’d like to know how your city or organisation can benefit from either or both of these tools, please email index@happycity.org.uk for more details.

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