Bespoke Pulse

A bespoke Happiness Pulse, is an adapted version of the online tool to include both the comprehensive well-being survey and an additional module of questions specific to the needs of an organization, sector or community.  The combination of a general, broad well-being measure and more specific measures allows such groups to compare how their stakeholders, staff, customers and communities compare to other individuals and groups across the city and country, why that is the case and what both can done to improve well-being as a result.

The tool not only empowers it’s users in this way, it delivers detailed information to about the strengths and needs of the group, the often unseen wellbeing and wider social impact of projects and initiatives.  In this way it can be used as an evaluation of their overall impact or on a project basis, to highlight best practice and optimum use of resources to support lasting change.

Once developed, this independent and replicable tool has the potential for comparisons across departments, regions or whole sectors.  The take up of well-being measurement can be used to embed a well-being focus at the heart or the organisation and support it’s centrality within cities using the Happy City Pulse (and it’s sister measure the Happy City Index), creating links between local policies, business developments and academic research.

We have already developed a Happy Univeristy Pulse in partnership with University of Bristol.  We are currently developing, or in discussions about developing bespoke Pulse tools for Housing, Youth, Culture, Health and Business.

In summary, a bespoke Happiness Pulse brings 6 key benefits for organisations or sectors wanting to measure the wellbeing of their work:

  •       It’s interactive, engaging and useful for the users, not just the organisation (so improvements can be made at both levels)
  •       Easy to use AND comprehensive (so the data is valid and substantial, but it doesn’t put people off using it)
  •       Replicable and comparable (so data can be compared to other groups around the country)
  •       Cost saving – a modular approach (much cheaper than developing an interactive and engaging process from scratch)
  •       A unique URL allows a organisation’s impact to be demonstrated, and any number of unique additional urls can be provided to measure specific large or small projects, regions or business case studies
  •       The tool can be embedded into your existing site and the ‘explore more’ buttons on the user results page can point towards the organisation’s specific projects, tips or other resources if required
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