Bespoke Pulse

The Happiness Pulse is designed to to combine comparability – by retaining the core Be Do Connect wellbeing modules – with flexibility, with the option to add an additional bespoke module.

We currently have two additional modules – for communities and for universities.  In both cases, those sectors can use it to understand the wellbeing of their users and how the conditions they influence are most affecting wellbeing.

We are currently working on additional modules for the workplace, for the housing sector and for work with young people.

If you’d like to work with us to develop a bespoke pulse for your sector or for your specific organisation, get in touch via


In summary, a bespoke Happiness Pulse brings 6 key benefits for organisations or sectors wanting to measure the wellbeing of their work:

  •       It’s interactive, engaging and useful for the users, not just the organisation (so improvements can be made at both levels)
  •       Easy to use AND comprehensive (so the data is valid and substantial, but it doesn’t put people off using it)
  •       Replicable and comparable (so data can be compared to other groups around the country)
  •       Cost saving – a modular approach (much cheaper than developing an interactive and engaging process from scratch)
  •       A unique URL allows a organisation’s impact to be demonstrated, and any number of unique additional teams or projects can be provided to measure specific large or small projects, regions or business case studies
  •       The tool can be fully white labelled and embedded into your existing site and the ‘explore more’ buttons on the user results page can point towards the organisation’s specific projects, tips or other resources if required
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