2016 City Pilot

The Happiness Pulse tool was piloted across the UK city of Bristol between April and June 2016.  A combination of a broad communications campaign to reach the general public and partnerships with city organisations large and small resulted in 7000+ participants taking their Happiness Pulse.  Example Case studies of the pulse results at an organisational scale are available on request.

Of the Bristol respondents nearly half were students taking part in the parallel pilot which included a bespoke module, the ‘university pulse’ in place of the ‘life in the city’ questions.  Future plans included the development of many more such adaptations, where the core wellbeing domains remain constant and comparible across sectors, but organisaitons and groups can get detailed information about how wellbeing relates to health, environment, older people, youth, housing, work environment etc.

The find out more about the Bristol Pilot results download the executive summary here or the full report here

The Results shared are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the learning that can be extracted from the data gathered.  Both a bigger data set and further academic analysis of the data would reap unprecedented learning for organisations, communities and city leaders.