Happiness Pulse


The Happiness Pulse tool measures the detailed reality of personal wellbeing in communities. It gets to the heart of how people feel and function in their lives, work and communities.

It combines a strong academic foundation, technology and community engagement in an interactive user-friendly survey.  It engages, informs and enables people to transform their own lives, in simple, low-cost, low-carbon, high-happiness ways.  

When used at any scale from a few households through to entire local authority areas it can paint an exceptional picture of the wellbeing strengths and needs of a group or area, and help assess what works to improve wellbeing where you are.

The model uses a set of core wellbeing measures, within three domains:

  • Be
  • Do
  • Connect

These assess how people think and feel about their lives (mental and emotional wellbeing), what they do that supports better lives (behavioural wellbeing), and how they connect with others (social wellbeing). An optional fourth ‘Community’ module, can be used to ask questions about how individuals interact with their local area and the external conditions in their lives, such as work, health, housing etc. This additional module, in combination with the core modules, helps decision makers better understand the connections between key wellbeing measures and how people engage with the local conditions.

This is a free tool, available worldwide, for people everywhere to measure, understand and improve their happiness.

The Pulse tool is also available for community groups, organisations and businesses to use as a measurement, social value and evaluation tool. More information here

When used at a local or regional scale, it can help decisions makers understand more clearly the impact of their work on the lives of people and help to steer better action and resource use to what works and where it’s needed most. More information here

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