Who is it for?

The Happy City measurement tools are designed to be as useful to the most marginalised citizen as they are to the mayor.  This is how they can be used at every level:

Are you a Policy Maker or City Leader? – we offer practical and rigorous tools to guide policy and resources to the things that are proven to improve lives.  See how you are your city measures up with the Happy City Index.  Measure the wellbeing of your neighbourhoods and initiatives using the Happiness Pulse.  Understand and evaluate the policy impact of wellbeing using WellWorth.

Are you a Business? – We can help you to support wellbeing and resilience in the workforce – leading to lower absenteeism and staff turnover and greater productivity, creativity and team work.  Find out about our sectoral or organisational Happiness Pulse tools here, or demonstrate your social value with the WellWorth tool.  

Do you work in communities or run a Community Group or NGO? – Our tools give you the capacity to map wellbeing needs and strengths and evaluate and demonstrate the impact and social value of their work.  Measure your impact with the Happiness Pulse and demonstrate its wider impact with the WellWorth Tool


For Individuals – measure, explore and learn more about routes to lasting wellbeing, strengthening your capacity to build your own resilience.  Take your Happiness Pulse today

Happy City is a bold, ambitious initiative that represents a truly innovative, approach to creating a city oriented towards the happiness of its residents.

Charles Seaford, World Futures Council

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