About Measurement & Policy

hc_pm_500Creating new tools to measure and evaluate wellbeing

Happy City develops tools that enable change. A common barrier wellbeing initiatives once faced was the claim that ‘you can’t measure happiness or wellbeing, so you cannot base policy decisions on them’. In response we partnered with leading academic experts to develop a suit of measurement tools that enable decision makers at every level to measure, understand and improve wellbeing.

  • Happiness PulseMeasuring the detailed reality of wellbeing in urban communities.
    The Happiness Pulse is an interactive survey getting to the heart of how people feel and function in their lives, work and communities.
  • Happy City IndexHelping decision makers understand and assess the city determinants of wellbeing.
    Happy City Index is an annual progress report on the conditions for wellbeing at a city or local authority level, this establishes the foundation for clear policy decisions prioritising resources for improving wellbeing.
  • WellWorth Policy ToolAssessing the impact and cost benefits of wellbeing interventions across key policy areas.
    The WellWorth tool converts wellbeing data into clear social & economic policy outcomes and thus demonstrates long-term worth and cost-effectiveness of wellbeing improvements on the wider city and local authority system.

Together these tools enable and support systemic change, giving policy makers the capacity to make sense of complex relationships between local conditions and policy, helping future-proof organisations and cities for resilient urban living.

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