About Measurement & Policy

hc_pm_500Measuring the wellbeing of people, places and society

Happy City has been developing new measures of wellbeing and local prosperity since 2010.  They support a shift away from defining personal or societal success in terms of growing consumption. Our measures focus on the conditions for thriving lives on a thriving planet.

Happy City’s measurement tools support decision makers at every level and sector, to measure, understand and improve the wellbeing of people and place. These unique tools are attracting attention around the world.

  • Happiness Pulse measures the detailed reality of personal wellbeing in communities. It gets to the heart of how people feel and function in their lives, work and communities. It can be used at any scale from the individual, to a few households, organisations, communities, through to entire local authority areas.
  • Thriving Places Index helps decision makers understand and assess the local determinants of sustainable and equitable wellbeing. It is a powerful progress report on the conditions for wellbeing at a local level, which establishes the foundation for better decisions and use of resources for improving lives.

Together these tools help redefine progress within a rounded model of wellbeing – tracking the external conditions, personal resources, and the experienced lives of citizens.

To find out more about how the Happy City team can help you use and embed these new measures into how you work, contact us at info@happycity.org.uk