Community Happiness Bank

You've just reached the heart of our new website - doesnt' look like much right now, but it's going to be pretty Whizzy.  We're still testing the Whizz because it's so important we get it right.

Here's a little appetiser to whet your appetite and we promise to dish it up as soon as the very high standards of our WebMaster Chefs have been met. Be sure to reserve your seats for opening night (To be Confirmed)

The Community Happiness Bank does three things.

1) It's packed with information, ideas and inspiration about what you can do in your part of town to increase your own, your family and your neighbourhoods’ happiness.  it works a little like Wikipedia, so 'deposits' are made by people talking about the things that increase happiness near them, including the detail of how they work, which is what makes it so much more than a directory.  It costs nothing to deposit, and nothing to ‘withdraw’ ideas and opportunities that others have shared.

2) You'll be able to look for suggestions, hints and tips about the things locally that would do the most for your own health and wellbeing by taking the survey.  All the results will be low-cost (or no-cost) activities within streets of your home. You'll be able to give yourself a Wellbeing check up whenever you like to see how things have changed, and what else you can do to get a boost now.   

3) It's also part of our Happy City Index, which is a whole new way of measuring success and prosperity in communities.  This is the most exciting thing of all, because it means we're all more connected to (and in control of) our economy.  If we all get it right, Community Happiness Banking will become key part of the way cities are run, which in turn will change the way the country is governed.