Why Happiness?

Live more, share more, enjoy life for less.

Some people prefer the word wellbeing, others contentment, others like the idea of flourishing – all with good reason. We stick with the word happiness because it means something to everyone, you don’t need to be an academic or a policy maker to be interested. It’s not associated with any one religion or ideology. From our experience around the world, everyone – regardless of age, gender, race or background – wants to find happiness for themselves and those they love.


What is happiness?

Unfortunately, happiness can get a bad press, largely because it has become associated with short-term ‘hits’ of pleasure via advertising and marketing, aimed at getting us to consume more and more.

We have seen that, given a little encouragement, people readily identify with the kind of happiness that ties humanity together across cultures and time. The kind that depends on things like the quality of our relationships, the health of the environment and strong communities filled with a sense of belonging and purpose. These features of happiness are universal. They promote well balanced, resilient, supportive, far-sighted and caring behaviour.

If you can think of a reason why we shouldn’t shape our lives, our society and economics around these kinds of goals, we’d like to hear it.

In this section you will find lots of tips, films, links and ideas about ways to start boosting your happiness in your day to day life.  If you have any you’d like to share please get in touch at info@happycity.org.uk