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Actions That Build Community

Communities grow stronger when citizens regularly and persistently do a variety of simple things together that give them chances to connect with others, build trust and get involved in doing things together. The web of trusting relationships that grows from people sharing food, helping others with everyday tasks, and joining together to recognize, help, involve and entertain one another makes bigger joint ventures possible and strengthens resilience.


7 Easy Happiness Boosters According to Harvard Researchers

Each activity listed below not only gives us a quick boost of positive emotions, improving our performance and focus in the moment; but if performed habitually over time, each has been shown to help permanently raise our happiness baseline.


3 Lessons About Happiness Learned From The Biggest Ever Study Into Adulthood

A Harvard scientist has rejected the idea wealth, fame and success can make for a “good life” – and instead argued that strong relationships are what make people happy and healthy.



Happify provide an online tool for measuring and visualising your own wellbeing levels, allowing you to identify areas where you can improve and then supplying you with the right ‘track’ to make the changes you need.