BE is how you feel about yourself and your life.

Your physical and economic circumstances and your temperament, background and personality play a part in your long-term happiness and wellbeing. Yet a large part is also down to how you think and feel. Learning about some of the small ways you can adjust how you appreciate and engage with life, can have a big effect on your current and long-term happiness.

To increase your BE pulse, explore ways to build hope and optimism, how to find more meaning and purpose in your life, ways to be more at ease and reflect more positively, and how to build up your ability to bounce back after difficulties. If you would like to continue measuring your wellbeing on a daily basis, Happy City has temporarily partnered with the Happiness Research Organisation to develop a ‘Happy Bristol’ app- available on the web and in the app store for Android and IPhone.


BE includes:

  • Satisfaction with your mental and physical health
  • Feeling what you do is worthwhile and you are useful
  • Having a sense of purpose and meaning in things you do
  • Having Hope and Optimism
  • Being able to relax and feel safe
  • Being able to bounce back after difficulties
  • Being able to think clearly and influence your life
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