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Join our #Budget2017 Campaign today

As the government announces the autumn budget, we want to spark a debate about what really matters, and what we should #InvestIn. The big idea is to stage a social media takeover – with your help.


So today, join us by sharing your message about what we should #InvestIn using the official budget hashtags (#AutumnBudget and #Budget2017) on facebook and twitter.

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We want to make this a moment where the country talks about investing in real prosperity, rather than politicians and elite commentators talking about ‘budget constraints’ and ‘belt tightening’. Read more about today’s action in our blog for Network of Wellbeing

Together we can change the debate!

What’s the #InvestIn campaign all about?

We know our economy isn’t working. It’s hoovering wealth upwards and creating runaway inequality, work doesn’t pay enough to live on, casino capitalism could plunge us into the next crisis any day, and in the pursuit of GDP growth we are putting the planet we live on at risk.

But it’s not too late to shake things up, and make the economy work for people. We need more investment to meet the needs of people and planet, we need to tackle inequality, and we need to think outside the box on economic alternatives.

That’s why our #InvestIn campaign is calling for a radical rethink of the economic rules, to put values back at the heart of the system.

Leaders and decision-makers must do better, and invest in what creates real wealth in our society. We will challenge them to do so, as well as celebrating how ordinary people and communities can build a better economy.

We need a new set of rules. We need to #InvestIn what really matters.

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If you’re a well-connected campaigner, a creative film-maker or designer, or a whiz on social media … we’d love your help to make this campaign a success. You can get in touch here

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