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For a strong economy producing wellbeing for people and planet – Join the conversation today

Throughout 2017 Happy City is running an ambitious, people-powered campaign called #InvestInHappy.  Across the UK we will explore the many ways people are building a happier economy, strong in wellbeing and sustainability.  By showing how it’s done, and proving the value to those in power, we can make the wellbeing of people and planet an attractive investment.

The Problem

Our economic system controls investment decisions but is desperately out of date.  For decades we’ve assumed an economy is ‘successful’ if money and consumption increase. What we’ve discovered is that extreme inequality, waste, and environmental damage are also produced. The evidence is overwhelming – our calculations are missing some critical things.  Unfortunately, these unmarked aspects of the economy also drive fear and division. Fear and division create the conditions for aggressive and extreme forms of politics we now see all around us.

A solution

Update the economic system with a new driver that produces Wellbeing for people and planet.  Happy City is an example of a fully updated economic system. It works like this:

#InvestInHappy inquires into what works to increase local, national and international prosperity together
Happy City Index, Pulse and Wellworth tools give readouts showing economic progress to better wellbeing
Training & Consultancy develops wellbeing, leadership and organisational skills for better decision making
Campaigns promote partnerships and examples of best practice for better investment and action

Through #InvestInHappy, we’ve promised 30,000 conversations about  action for wellbeing and happiness in homes, businesses, communities. We’ve promised 600 workshops and events in workplaces and communities. We’ve promised to keep developing cutting edge tools to inform investment decisions in all areas of society.

Be part of a new economic revolution with #InvestInHappy at events, in the news, on Facebook and on twitter.   Let’s work things out with an economic head-to-head…

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21st Century ideas of Prosperity

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#InvestInHappy for a brighter future together.

Crowdfunder Video – the case for #InvestInHappy