#InvestIn Campaign

Our economy is obsessed by GDP growth and consumerism, fuelling great inequality and putting the planet we live on at risk. It’s been set up to ‘count’ war and natural disaster, but fails to count what really matters; like decent houses and jobs, green spaces and clean air.

We can’t wait another 50 years for a fairer economy

March 2018 marked fifty years since Robert Kennedy made a speech spelling out the inadequacy of GDP, famously saying it measures ‘everything but that which makes life worthwhile’. #50YearsLater we are still waiting for change. And we don’t think that’s good enough.

Learn more: you can watch the recent Network of Wellbeing webinar with our director Liz Zeidler.

What makes you #HappyBeyondGDP?

This year on International Day of Happiness we launched a photo competition asking what makes you #HappyBeyondGDP?  You gave some inspiring answers.

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What’s the #InvestIn campaign all about?

We know our economy isn’t working. It’s hoovering wealth upwards and creating runaway inequality, work doesn’t pay enough to live on, casino capitalism could plunge us into the next crisis any day, and in the pursuit of GDP growth we are putting the planet we live on at risk.

But it’s not too late to shake things up, and make the economy work for people. We need more investment to meet the needs of people and planet, we need to tackle inequality, and we need to think outside the box on economic alternatives.

That’s why our #InvestIn campaign is calling for the economy to be reprogrammed so that it works for everyone.

Leaders and decision-makers must do better, and invest in what creates real wealth in our society. We will challenge them to do so, as well as celebrating how ordinary people and communities can build a better economy. We need to #InvestIn what really matters.

What would you invest in?

In November, around the UK budget, together we sparked a debate about what we should #InvestIn. Read more in our blogs for Huffington Post and Network of Wellbeing.

As the government reviewed economic progress in Spring, we produced our own Happy City Spring Statement setting out our priorities for a wellbeing economy where everyone can thrive.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Want to do even more?

If you’re a film-maker, designer, or a whiz on social media … we’d love your help to make this campaign a success. You can get in touch with us here

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