Campaign Actions

Get campaigning today

Right now, up and down the country, amazing campaigns are making a difference; from local right the way up to global level.

If we want things to change, we have to demand that change. So whether you want to protect the environment, save local services, connect with other local campaigners, or just learn something new, here are a range of great campaigns and actions you could get involved in.

Write to G20 leaders and tell them to put an end to tax havens 

Take action to save public land – you can check out what public land is up for sale near you right now on the New Economics Foundation website 

Support public sector workers demanding an end to the public sector pay cap

Join Greenpeace’s ‘Plastics Free Supermarkets’ action, demanding that all UK supermarkets get rid of plastic packaging 

Find your local ‘Action for Happiness’ group, and get together with like-minded people to make your community thrive

Train as a media spokesperson on progressive economic solutions with NEON’s ‘New Economy Spokesperson Network’

Learn about the issues behind our #InvestIn campaign, by taking Oxfam’s quiz on inequality, or Positive Money’s quiz on… erm money!


And for lots of other ways to get involved in Happy City click here