hc_pc_500Our Campaigning: Changing minds and changing the rules of the game

Our economic system controls investment decisions but is desperately out of date, and out of step with our human values. For decades we’ve assumed an economy is ‘successful’ if money and consumption increase, rather than if it delivers greater well-being and more prosperous societies.

Happy City aims to challenge today’s outdated economic model. We do this by promoting measurement of what really matters, as an alternative to GDP growth, but also by campaigning for change.

In 2017, our #InvestIn campaign will call for a radical shake up of the economic rules, to put values back at the heart of the economy. Find out more and get involved here

We also run campaign projects that turn heads, motivate and get people talking. Projects like Happy Lists, that celebrate the real heroes in our society. Find out more about Happy Lists here

You can also take action on campaigns that are running up and down the country right now. Check out these campaign actions and ideas

We’re always looking for help with our campaigning from people who know the tricks of the trade; from PR and marketing, to online campaigning and social media. If you’d like to volunteer in our campaigns team you can contact us here, or check out other ways to get involved here


Our campaigns believe a better economy is possible

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