About us

Our people

Happy City is all about us. All of us.

People in the pilot city of Bristol are increasingly assuming ownership of Happy City - talking about it the way we talk about 'our' favourite sports teams. More than 300 people have helped create what you see today, the key people are coordinating it all, preparing the way for Happy Cities everywhere.

Company Board Members and Trustees

(Happy City CIC is a wholly owned trading subsidiary of the charity)


Staff and Key Volunteers

  • Happy City logoDave Forman (Brand)
  • Happy City logoDianne James
  • Happy City logoAnastasia Mandenaki (Operations Manager)
  • Happy City logoRosie Moreno-Parra
  • Happy City logoHelen Brown (Wellbeing Data Analyst)
  • Happy City logoRoger Taylor
  • Happy City logoRuth Townsley (Programme Manager)
  • Happy City logoSam Wren Lewis (Head of Research & Development)