About Us

Improving lives through a focus on wellbeing

Happy City’s mission is to improve lives through a focus on happiness. We get people talking about what matters most to them, what prosperity really means, and how we can create the conditions for happiness to flourish.

Happy City supports individuals, communities, businesses and city leaders to INVEST IN HAPPINESS. Investments include time, money, effort, attention, thought, action, care… Our work helps grow understanding and action to improve wellbeing and resilience.  The tools and approaches combine at a city scale to support a shift away from a purely economic model of prosperity and towards a focus on long-term wellbeing for all.

Happy City provides:

  • Measurement & Policy Tools to support decision-makers – at an organisational, community and city level to make wellbeing a shared and measurable goal
  • Training & Consultancy to support people in organisations and communities  to develop and spread the skills to grow resilience
  • Communications and Campaigns to get people thinking, talking and sharing knowledge about routes to wellbeing

The film clip below shows how it all comes together.


Happy City is a charity and community interest company, founded in Bristol.

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