5 Ways for Your Community

wow-booklet-coverHappy City has been delivering our WoW workshops in communities since 2012.

From health centres to school halls, from prisons to City Hall, participants of every age and background have benefited from our approach, and used the learning to support their community.

Whether you want a one-off shot of wellbeing, as a boost to your group, or you are looking for a place to begin a longer term investment in the happiness of your community, the WoW workshops are a great place to start.

If your organisation or community would like us to deliver this short and inspirational workshop, to help you grow your own wellbeing and resilience please get in touch at training@happycity.org.uk

To order copies of our WoW Booklets please email training@happycity.org.uk

If you think this approach could help your community in the long term, you should consider our Wellbeing Champions programme, which trains you to deliver the WoW workshops and the 5 ways approach yourself.  More information here

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