5 Ways for Prisoners


The 5 ways to wellbeing is not just simply about finding ways to enjoy life, it’s also about how they can build our capacity to be more resilient and boost our wellbeing in the most unlikely places.  No more so than in prison.

In 2015, Happy City were asked by Bristol Public Health to learn more about what are the things that can a make difference to wellbeing within prison life.  The Happy City team worked extensively with the current and ex-prisoners to adapt their existing wellbeing materials to be suitable for Prison life.  

The result was a unique adaptation of the very well researched 5 Ways to Wellbeing – Plan B: 5 ways to prison wellbeing – a  booklet designed to offer prisoners simple ways to find wellbeing whilst in a prison cell.

Plan B takes the theoretical understanding of the wellbeing benefits of the 5 ways – Connect, Learn, Be Active, Take Notice and Give, and adapts them to be achievable and beneficial even for those confined to cells for up to 22 hours per day.

Plan B consists of 5 B‘s:


Look after your Body

Exercise your Brain

Befriend yourself

Be Positive

The associated booklet Plan B is available to order from Happy City and our wellbeing and resilience workshops and training for Prison Wellbeing Champions, can also be booked by contacting info@happycity.org.uk